zaterdag 23 oktober 2010

In the middle of the old entrance hall lays the skeleton. Legs bend, arms wide and everlasting grin.
I enter and at the end of the room I turn on the music on an old record player. A Waltz begins while I pick op the skeleton.

His powerless limps bend and wobble when I put on the high heels attached to his toes and his legs find solid ground. I grab is flapping right arm and attach it to my waist, I grab his left arm pull him up and suddenly he has poise. He is alive.

I look him in de grinning face take a few deep breaths and start to dance.

Together we dance a wonky waltz, just us.

The music comes to an end. I step out of the shoes and his legs become powerless. I lay him down on the floor. His hand lets go of my waist. I let go of his other hand and his arms fall to the floor.

He is dead again when I turn of the record player.

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