zondag 24 oktober 2010


A work for Hirado in Japan. Hirado is the place the Dutch arrived for the first time for trade. It became a fruitful relationship. Now they want a work depicting the relationship between Holland and Japan.
I noticed that it was not the differences that make this relationship interesting. In a way they were exactly the same. All they wanted was money and knowledge from each other. Nothing else. Japan and Portugal failed because the Portuguese also wanted to Christen every Japanese.

I used the symbolic gate, the Torii in a repetitive way, thus creating a hallway. By closing it with two doors it stops being a gate. The doors show that what is going on in the middle is important. The segments that create this hallway are placed tight together close to the door, so there it is dark. In the middle shines light, because there is more space between the segments.

With this work I show the twilight in which two cultures with equal desires meet. Not the one or the other side is important, it is the middle that counts.

It would have been made of smooth dark wood with a warm glow. Three meters high, one meter wide and 5 meters long.

They did not pick my design, but i would have been awesome.

My boyfriend made the digital model for me. Yes, he is great. :)

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