zondag 24 oktober 2010

El Acuerdo

A film about nature and the people who secretly know very well what they should do and how they should act, but just will not listen anymore.
The film is in Spanisch, this is the translation:

You have reached the voicemail of....

The Pact
I do not know what the farmer had in mind,
but he gave me his chair and let me watch this
impressive pact:

the nightjar sits on the back of the bull,
for it knows
that from his haunches to his horns,
runs an aggressive pulsation

Yet with the nightjar on his back,

it seems as if the beast becomes calm,
hears the soothing scratching of the bird's claws on his hide,

he feels the little tongue
that licks the blood from his sores
and the open wing that sweeps away the dust

and the beak that, like a nurse with a delicate instrument,

for the larvae that torment him under the skin.
Thus the helpful bird collects its food.

This is the usual exchange,

But the nightjar gets more:

On the back of the bull it tastes
a deep,
unexpected tenderness,

the paradox of the beast.

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The Poem is by Peruvean Poet, José Watanabe. The audio sample of the Poem is from the documentary 'El Olvido.'

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