zaterdag 23 oktober 2010


I was standing in the hallway of the academy in a dress made of jute, plastic and water. The dress is heavy. I can hardly move and you hear the gallons of water splash when I do.
I take out a little pin and start poking holes in the sacks. First the heavy non-transparent sacks made of jute. Water starts dripping. I move around, twist and turn to poke holes. Everything gets wet, but the dress stays heavy. I am kneeled in the middle of the hallway and the movements are getting more intense. Hastier. Then I stand and with big gestures I rip out the bottom of the transparent plastic sacks. They release their load in loud splashes.
Finally I stop. Dripping and ripped to shreds, but light I stand in the middle of the hallway in a puddle of water

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